Stanley Block Plane - No. 65

stanley 65 block plane
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Stanley 65 Plane Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Stanley

Plane Type: Block

Model No: 65

The Stanley block plane number 65 is an old plane made by Stanley Tools from the end of the 19th century through to the early years of the 20th century.

The Stanley 65 is referred to as a low angle block plane with a plane blade bed set at 12 degrees.

The stanley 65 is made with a cast iron body, a hooded lever cap, a brass front knob, an alloy blade adjuster and a best steel plane blade.

The sides of the body have a finger/thumb indent to help assist with comfortably gripping the plane for maximum control.

stanley 65 block plane

The plane has a front knurled edge, brass knob which also assists with gripping the tool including a finger indent on the top of the knob.

The knob can be unscrewed to activate the adjustable mouth control (the curvy piece of metal at the base of the brass knob).

Once the knob is loosened, the mouth controller can be slid left or right which in turn moves a metal plane on the sole which in turn sets the mouth size from fine through to wide.

Note: ensure to loosen the knob before making adjustments and don't overtighten, to avoid damage to the plane.

At the rear of the plane there is a blade adjuster for setting the depth at which the cutter is set.

stanley 65 block plane

Note: ensure to loosen the lever cap before making adjustments to avoid damage to the plane.

The surface of the plane body and lever cap are finished in the typical black finish.

The Stanley 65 was later produced with a different style lever cap called a knuckle lever cap.

Please see the Stanley 65 knuckle block plane review for more details of the later version.


Plane Construction

stanley block plane no 65

high grade cast iron

Lever cap:
high grade cast iron

best steel

Depth adjuster wheel/nut:


Plane finish:


Plane Dimensions

177mm (7 inch)

45mm (1 3/4 inch)


Manufactured Dates

<1898 - <1934


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