Stanley Block Plane - No. 131

stanley block plane 131
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Stanley 131 Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Stanley

Plane Type: Block

Model No: 131

The Stanley block plane number 131 is a two-mouthed, double-ended block plane with two different plane functions.

This Stanley block plane has two mouths and two blade beds; one at either end. The forward facing position with the mouth nearest the front of the plane is the standard block plane position. The rear facing position with the mouth virtually at the end of the plane is for use as a bull-nose plane.

The Stanley 131 has a hooded lever cap with a smooth half dome on top. The face of the lever cap has a knurled pattern, a locking lever and an eye opening for the securing screw.

The lever cap is removed/secured by sliding the locking lever sideways.

stanley plane 131

The Stanley no. 131 has a depth adjusting mechanism which allows easy adjusting of the blade by turning the knurled wheel nut.

The adjusting mechanism is available for use in both mouth positions. The mechanism is alternated between functions by simply removing the lever cap and blade, then just swivelling the adjuster from one position to the other, it is very quick and easy.

It seems quite surprising that the Stanley 130 turned out to be more popular than the Stanley 131 plane and that the 130 plane was the design which was replicated in some guise by other makers; I suspect the reason(s) was partly due to cost.


What Is The Difference Between The Stanley 130 and 131?

The differences between the Stanley 130 and the 131 block planes are that the Stanley 131 has a depth adjuster mechanism and it has finger / thumb indent grips on the side of the plane.


Plane Construction

stanley plane 131

Width: 51mm (2 inch)

Length Of Sole: 200mm (8 inch)

Mouth Width: 43mm

Front knob: wooden

Weight: 772g

Plane finish: black

Stanley 131 Plane Blade / Cutter

Width: 41mm (1 5/8 inch)

Blade Thickness: 2mm

Slot Width: 11mm

Slot Height: 34mm

Top Of Blade Shape: Oval, Rounded Corners

Blade Markings: Stanley, Made In USA


Plane Markings

stanley plane 131

"Stanley" - found on the top face at the very front of the plane.

"No 131" - found on the top face at the front of the plane between the front mouth and knob.

"Made In USA" - found on the face of the knurled adjusting wheel nut.


Manufactured Dates

<1900 - 1934>


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