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Record 080 Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Record

Tool Type: Hand Scraper / Cabinet Scraper

Model No: 080

The Record scraper number 080 also known as the Record hand scraper or Record cabinet scraper.

The Record 080 scraper is of a long running design with two raised arched handles, stout sole, and Record blue finish.

The arched handles are domed for comfort with hollowed undersides for grip.

Each handle has a circular hole cut towards the end which is used for hanging the tool from a hook in the workshop. These scrapers are often found with a loop of string through the hole to assist with hanging the tool.

record scraper 080

The cabinet scraper is an essential part of joiners and cabinet makers tool kit and is used to scrape a surface of work to a smooth even finish leaving very little need of sanding the piece of work.

The scraper blade is locked in place at the rear of the scraper using the two nuts.

The cutter edge of the blade should be set to an angle of around 45 degrees.

To make the blade work more efficiently the adjuster thumb screw can be tightened on the front centre section of the scraper to bow and tension the blade.

The Record no. 080 scraper has a fixed blade pitch opposed to some of the adjustable scraper planes available such as the Stanley 112 Scraper Plane.

record 080 scraper

The Record 080 scrapers can be seen in different shades of blue. The later 080's were a paler blue and presented in a blue and white box.

The earlier Record 080 scrapers were a darker blue and presented in a plain blue box with an orange/yellow label.

The Record 080 cabinet scrapers were provided with a 'how to use' booklet / leaflet.

The Record 080 scrapers were manufactured in Sheffield, England by C & J Hampton Ltd., and later by Ridgway Tools.

The Record 080 scraper is almost identical to the Stanley 80 Scraper other than colour and markings.

record scraper 080

record cabinet scrapers 080

Scraper Construction

Overall Length: 11 1/2 inch

Weight: 1 1/2 lbs

Body: cast iron

Scraper Blade Width: 2 3/4 inch

Scraper Blade: tungsten steel

Scraper finish: blue


Tool Markings

"Record" - found on the top face at the front.

"No 080" - found on the top face at the rear.


Manufactured Dates

? - ?


Tool Also Known As

Record Cabinet Scraper - No. 080
Record Hand Scraper - No. 080


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