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Record 040 Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Record

Plane Type: Plough

Model No: 040

The Record 040 plough plane is a small single armed plane for creating grooves and rebates. The Record 040 is spelt as the Record 040 plow plane in some parts of the world.

The Record 040 consisted of a cast iron body, depth gauge, single arm fence, arm/rod, blade clamp and three tungsten steel cutters:

   - 1/8"
   - 3/16"
   - 1/4"

The 140mm (5 1/2 inch) long plane will cut grooves up to 13mm (1/2 inch) deep, up to 76mm (3 inch) from the edge.

record 040 plow plane

The plane will cut across end grain as well as with or along the grain.

The Record 040 was finished with a blue cellulosed finish on the body and the fence with the other parts finished in an nickel plating.

The 040 was originally sold with a dark blue Record cardboard box which had an orange/yellow label stuck to the side detailing the planes core information.

The Record 040 plough / plow plane was one of Recordís first plough planes. The plane was priced as the lowest cost of the Record plough / combination planes and was advertised to encourage users of wooden plough planes to switch to a Record iron plough plane.

The advertised advantages of an iron plough plane over a wooden plough plane included: the material doesnít warp and shrink like wood does, the parts donít wear like wood, there is no regular trueing up required, the handling of the plane is easier and less cumbersome, and the plane is more accurate.

This 1930ís-1940ís plane was originally aimed at schools and amateurs due to how simple it is to use. The Record 040 still continues to be popular amongst beginners and woodworkers who require a simple plough plane.

These planes appear reasonably regularly considering their age and their relatively short production run which surely is testament to a good, popular, well made plane. This said, the Record 040ís are becoming less common, particularly in good condition.

There are a few other makers who have produced almost identical planes to the Record 040 plough plane but obviously with their own branding, these include I.Sorby and the William Marples M-40 plough plane.


Plane Construction

high grade cast iron

crucible cast tungsten steel

Plane finish:


Plane Dimensions

140mm (5 1/2 inch)

0.45kg (1lb)


Manufactured Dates

1935 - 1943


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