Record Jack Plane - No. 05C

record jack plane
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Review By: I.Ball

Category: Old Jack Planes

Manufacturer: Record

Plane Type: Jack

Model No: 05C

The Record jack plane number 05 C is exactly the same as the Record 05 with one difference; the sole of the 05 C plane has a corrugated sole.

The corrugated sole consists of a series of machined parallel semi-circular grooves along the length of the sole.

The idea of the corrugated sole was born on the basis that some work results in a suction forming between the wood and the sole of a flat soled plane.

Having a plane with grooves on the sole lets a little air in between the grooves which in turn reduces any resistance.

record grooved plane 05c

This suction/resistance/friction can also be further removed by regularly applying a lubricant to the sole.

See the Record 05 plane review for general details about this plane.


Manufactured Dates

1931 - 1993


Plane Also Known As

Record Corrugated Plane 05
Record Corrugated Jack Plane
Record Jack Plane With Grooves


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