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record compass plane
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Review By: I.Ball

Manufacturer: Record

Plane Type: Compass

Model No: 0113

The Record 0113 compass plane otherwise known as the Record 0113 circular plane is a 10 inch long metal plane with an adjustable flexible sole.

The plane is used for planing timber which has a curve such as the edge of a round table.

The flexible sole can be adjusted to form a convex sole or a concave sole, set to the required curvature.

The flexible sole is anchored with the frame at either end of the sole with a screw adjustment in the center.

The sole is adjusted by turning the knurled sole adjustment wheel nut; located on the top of the plane towards the front.

record compass plane no 0113

The 0113 has graduated toothed plates on one side of the plane. These graduations can be used to assist in setting the desired radii.

Once the sole has been adjusted to form the desired curvature, the adjustment wheel nut is locked by securing the small locking screw just under the adjustment wheel nut (different to the Record 020 / 020C). Similarly the small locking screw should be loosened before turning the adjustment wheel nut.

The frame shape and front metal knob provides handy grips to handle and control the plane with ease.

The Record 0113 is fitted with the same plane blade, cap iron and lever cap as the number 03 bench planes. This makes finding a replacement piece a lot easier to find.

The plane blade and cap iron are locked in position with the lever cap. This helps to reduce chattering. The lever cap has a plated finish which is usually a nickel plating. The lever cap has a pear shaped hole in the middle in which a screw runs through, the shape helps prevent the cap loosening.

record compass plane no 0113

Also, as with the standard bench planes such as the 03, the 0113 compass plane has a lateral blade adjusting lever located just behind the blade. This lever pivots side-to-side which in turn adjusts the cutter side-ways (note: the lever cap must be released when making these alterations).

When looking at compass planes, you may come across some very similar planes including the Stanley 113 compass plane.


Plane Construction

record compass plane no 0113

Body and frog:
high grade cast iron

Lever cap:
high grade cast iron with a plated finish

Cap iron:
best quality steel

flexible spring steel

tungsten steel

Plane finish: blue

record compass plane no 0113

Record 0113 Plane Markings

"Record No 0113" - found on the top face of the frame between the blade and front knob.

"Record" - found on the lever cap face.


Manufactured Dates

1932 - 1943


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