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Veritas Block Plane Review By: I.Ball

Category: Block Planes

Manufacturer: Veritas

Plane Type: Block

Model No: Standard 1

The Veritas standard block plane is a 6 1/2 inch long, fully adjustable block plane.

The plane is constructed from stress-relieved ductile cast iron with brass parts. The plane has the distinctive Veritas look which as part of the design includes various functional curves and indents to offer the user extra comfort and control.

These indents and curves include a finger/thumb press on top of the front brass knob, finger/thumb indents on the side of the plane and a shapely lever cap to fit comfortably in the users palm.

The body has an accurately machined sole and sides set at 90 degrees.

veritas block plane

The 51mm (2 inch) wide plane is equipped with a ductile cast iron lever cap and is fitted with a 42mm (1 5/8 inch) wide plane blade.

The Veritas standard block plane is equipped with a choice of three plane blade types:

     - O1 (hardened to Rockwell 58-60)
     - A2 (hardened to Rockwell 60-62)
     - PMV-11

These blades are available with three different bevels:

     - 25 degrees (standard)
     - 38 degrees
     - 50 degrees

There is also the option of an A2 toothed blade. The toothed blade has a serrated cutting edge.

veritas block plane

The plane blade should be positioned with the bevel edge facing upwards as typical for block planes.

The plane has a blade bed angle of 20 degrees. The standard plane cutter is set with a cutting edge bevel of 25 degrees resulting in an overall cutting angle of 45 degrees.

The blade is secured in place by securing the lever cap with the use of the securing wheel. The securing wheel is the large brass wheel located underneath the top portion of the lever cap.

The plane is fitted with a dual function blade adjuster:

(i) The adjuster allows the user to accurately set the depth at which the blade is set. These depth of cut fine adjustments are carried out by turning the brass wheel nut at the very rear of the plane.

(ii) The adjuster can also be used to laterally (sideways) adjust the blade. The lateral adjustments are easily made by sliding, sideways, the brass wheel nut at the very rear of the plane.

veritas block plane

There are two set screws, one set either side of the plane walls which are present to prevent the blade from shifting, as a result maximising the lateral adjustment.

This Veritas block plane has an adjustable mouth. The mouth size can be adjusted by moving the mouth plate forwards and backwards to the desired position; the mouth plate forms part of the sole and is located at the front of the plane.

The mouth plate is moved by firstly loosening the brass knob and then moving the knob in the required direction; the knob and the mouth plate are interlinked so sliding the knob slides the mouth plate.

Once the mouth plate is in position it can be locked in place by turning the brass front knob until tight. The plane is designed to not allow the mouth plate to move back as far as the sharp blade so no accidental damage can occur. Generally a fine mouth is desired as this helps prevent tear-out of the piece of wood being worked.

veritas block plane

Veritas have put their innovative stamp on this design. One glance and it is immediately obvious this is a plane from the Veritas range.

Interestingly Veritas have chosen not to number this block plane as with most tools in the Veritas range.

The Veritas block plane has a lot of similarities of earlier block planes produced by the likes of Stanley and Record, in particular the Stanley 9 1/2 block plane and the Record 09 1/2 block plane.

There is a Veritas low angle block plane which is almost identical to the Veritas standard block plane with the only difference being the blade of the low angle plane being set at a lower angle.

The Veritas standard block plane is produced by the Canadian company Veritas Tools Inc.


Plane Construction

veritas block plane

stress-relieved ductile cast iron

Lever cap:
durable ductile cast iron

Blade adjuster wheel/nut:

Blade securing wheel:


Plane finish:

Construction Origin:


Plane Dimensions

6 3/8 inch

2 inch

790g (1 3/4lb)

Veritas Standard Plane Blade / Cutter

Width: 41mm (1 5/8 inch)

Blade Thickness: 3mm (1/8 inch)

Steel: O1 (hardened to Rc 58-60), A2 (hardened to Rc 60-62), PMV-11

Bevel Angle: 25, 38 or 50 degrees (25 degrees as standard)

Top Of Blade Shape: Rounded Corners


Optional Extras

veritas block plane chamfer attachment Chamfer Guide: the optional chamfer attachment holds the plane at a constant 45 degree angle to the piece of work and is adjustable to 13mm wide. The attachment is easily fitted by unscrewing the front brass knob and then replacing the adjustable mouth piece with the chamfer attachment (and then refitting the brass front knob to secure the chamfer guide in position). Adjustments to the guide should be made before fitting the chamfer guide. For more general chamfer tool information see the 'what is a chamfer tool?' article.

A2 Toothed Blade: with 38 degree bevel

veritas block plane sack Block Plane Sack (7 1/2 inch long): The Veritas plane socks are designed to resist moisture which is always a desirable tool storage option to help prevent tools / planes from rusting. This moisture resistance is achieved by the plane sock being made from a silicone treated knitted cotton. The socks also help prevent the tools from acquiring dings and scratches when in storage.

The planes socks are also fitted with a draw string to help keep dust and dirt out of the sock.


Manufactured Dates

...2010 - current day


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- Veritas Tools Inc.


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