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A fillister plane is used for forming and trimming rebates / rabbets with the capability of working with the grain or against the grain.

A fillister plane is equipped with a spur or nicker for the cross grain work.

There are two main types of fillister plane seen on the market today:

- Iron fillister plane
- Wooden fillister plane

The Iron Fillister Plane

The iron fillister plane has always been a very popular plane which is often inexpensive.

The rebate plane is usually equipped with an adjustable fence, depth stop and spur. The fence can usually be used on either side of the plane.

The common iron fillister planes are multi-purpose and are equipped with two mouths; one positioned in the middle for use as a fillister plane and one positioned near the front for bullnose work.

These planes are often labelled as duplex planes; the duplex term refers to the plane having two mouths / dual function.

There have been numerous makers of iron fillister planes over the years including the Stanley 78, Record 078, and the improved Record 778 plane.

Other old makers of fillister planes include William Marples, I Sorby, Millers Falls, Woden and numerous others.

The iron fillister remains being made by various new makers including the: Stanley 78, Kunz 78, Record 778 and the Veritas skew rabbet plane.

The Wooden Fillister Plane

The wooden fillister plane is an old traditional rebate plane which has been around since the 1700ís with prominence through the 1800ís into the early 1900ís.

The wooden fillister plane is usually fitted with a depth stop, a nicker(s) and a dual armed adjustable fence.

There is also a moving fillister plane which is usually fitted with a depth stop, a nicker(s) and a short range adjustable fence located underneath the plane.

The nicker is a pointed blade which is wedged in position just in front of the main plane blade. The nicker was the forerunner and works the same way as the spur on the iron fillister planes.

There are still a few specialist makers of wooden fillister planes which always look impressive.

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